What are the benefits of using MAP for olive packaging?

Olives in Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is a popular way of packaging for olives to extend their shelf life and maintain their quality. The package is typically filled with a mixture of gases, such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide, that helps create an ideal atmosphere for the olives.

Here are some benefits of using MAP for olive packaging:

Extended Shelf Life

MAP allows the olives to stay fresh for a longer period, as the modified atmosphere reduces oxidation, which can lead to spoilage and loss of flavor

Maintains Quality

The modified atmosphere slows down the natural oxidation process, which keeps the olives’ texture, flavor, and color consistent and improves their overall quality


MAP helps protect the olives from contamination during transportation and storage, avoiding microbial growth


MAP makes the packaging of olives more convenient for retailers and consumers, as it provides a lightweight package and easy to open and close

As a conclusion

Overall, MAP packaging is a popular choice for olive packaging due to the extended shelf life benefits, maintaining quality, and convenience for retailers and consumers.