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What are Kalamata olives?

Kalamata olives, originating from Greece’s Kalamata region, are a variety of large…

How are Kalamata olives harvested?

Harvesting Kalamata olives is an intricate process that requires skill and attention to detail…

What makes Kalamata olives unique?

Kalamata olives possess distinct characteristics that set them apart from other olive varieties…

What is the significance of Kalamata olives in Greek culture?

Kalamata olives hold cultural significance in Greece, particularly in the region of Kalamata…

Are there different grades or styles of Kalamata olives?

Yes, Kalamata olives come in various grades or styles…

Can Kalamata olives be used to produce olive oil?

 While Kalamata olives are primarily desired for their consumption as table olives, they can also be pressed to produce olive oil…

10 reasons why bakery
should use Kalamata olives instead of other olives

Kalamata olives are considered as high-quality olives because of their distinct taste…

How are Kalamata olives traditionally cured?

Traditionally, Kalamata olives undergo a natural fermentation and curing process that contributes to their distinctive taste…

What are the culinary uses of Kalamata olives?

Kalamata olives have a wide range of culinary uses that make them a beloved ingredient for both businesses…

Are Kalamata olives beneficial to health?

Yes, Kalamata olives offer several health benefits, making them a valuable addition to a balanced diet…

Where can one purchase Kalamata olives?

Kalamata olives are widely available for purchase, both online and in various retail locations…

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Our products are 100% of greek origin.

Our company takes pride in providing our customers with the highest quality products available on the market. We are delighted to inform you that all of our products are 100% of Greek origin, meaning that you can rest assured that the ingredients used in the production process are carefully selected from local, trusted sources.

Furthermore, by sourcing our products locally, we support the local farming industry and promote a sustainable way of doing business. So next time you enjoy one of our products, know that you are not only indulging in a delicious treat, but also supporting Greek farmers, producers, and their livelihood. 

Yes, we ship by boat.

Our priority is to ensure the safe and timely delivery of our products to our valued customers, and we believe that shipping them via boats is the most efficient and reliable method. Therefore, we have established a partnership with a reputable shipping company that shares our values and commitment to quality. We have taken all necessary measures to ensure that our products are handled and transported with the utmost care, and our team is continuously monitoring the entire process to ensure everything runs smoothly.

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