Kalamata small sizes vs big sizes. What is the difference?

The taste difference between small and big-sized Kalamata olives can vary slightly, but it is primarily related to texture rather than flavor. Generally, both small and big Kalamata olives have a rich, slightly tangy, and salty flavor profile. However, there are some subtle differences:


Small Kalamata olives tend to have a firm and slightly crunchy texture. Their size allows them to retain their natural firmness. On the other hand, big Kalamata olives are larger and may have a slightly softer texture. The flesh inside may be more mellow and buttery

Concentration of flavors

Due to their smaller size, small Kalamata olives may have a slightly more concentrated flavor. This is because their smaller surface area allows the brine and flavors to penetrate deeper into the flesh. In comparison, big Kalamata olives may have a slightly milder flavor due to their larger size and possibly less exposure to the brine


The choice between small and big Kalamata olives ultimately depends on personal preference. Some people may prefer the crispiness and intense flavor of small olives, while others may enjoy the softer texture and more moderate flavor of the larger ones

As a conclusion

Whether small or big, Kalamata olives are famous for their distinct taste and are widely used in various Greek and other Mediterranean dishes, salads, and as a topping for pizzas and sandwiches.