Kalamata Olives Whole

Our Kalamata olives whole are ideal for retail and food service use.

Whole pleasure at any size and packaging. Either in smaller sizes or in bigger ones, our whole Kalamata olives are always meaty and juicy. Enjoy them in a branch, in a salad or with a drink.

Why Kalamata olives whole


We carefully select healthy Kalamata olives with superior taste and excellent color always at the right calibration.


We care about your profits and success and provide always competitive prices for our top quality Kalamata olives.


If you ever tried an authentic Greek salad, you know it all. Kalamata olives are very popular worldwide.

Kalamata Whole are ideal for


Skyrocket your sales with Kalamata whole.
They fit great in a glass jar.

Food Service

Elevate your culinary offerings.
In plastic pails and tins.

Available Packaging

We provide all packaging solutions either branded or private label.

Food Safety & Quality First


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