Kalamata Olives Pitted

Kalamata olives pitted are perfectly fit in a retail store, in a salad or into your production facilities.

Kalamata olives pitted are not just perfect for salad, they are also an excellent addition to various dishes such as pasta, sandwiches, pizzas, and more.

These olives are known for their distinct taste and they are easy to use.

Industry Sectors


They perfectly fit in a glass jar and will explode your olives sales

Food Service

In plastic pails or in tins, Kalamata olives pitted will create delicious dishes

Food Industry

In plastic barrels or tins, Kalamata pitted will give an amazing baking experience

Available Packaging

We provide all packaging solutions either branded or private label.

Kalamata Olives Pitted - Safety & Quality First




Kalamata Olives Pitted

When it comes to choosing Kalamata olives, it’s essential to go for the pitted option, mainly if you plan to use them in salads or in bakery.

Rich taste
Superior color

Accurate calibration
Extended pit fragment control

Bowl of kalamata olives on the wooden background
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