Greek Green Olives

Excellent color, taste and smell like Chalkidiki.
They are large and firm and ready to offer an amazing taste experience.
Most enjoy them as a side or with a nice cocktail.

Due to their hardness, Greek green olives olives, are ideal for stuffing with various delicious ingredients.

They are an amazing product for all uses, retail, food service and food manufacturing.

Your Safety First

Our Green olives are produced under the highest food safety standards


Available Packaging

We provide all packaging solutions either branded or private label.

Why Greek Green Olives ?

What makes Greek Green Olives different from other types? They are harvested while they are still in the early stage of fermentation and thus they keep their green color and hard texture.

They are naturally fermented and are a great source of healthy monounsaturated fats and rich in antioxidants.

Customers are always looking for diversification, authentic and natural taste.

What a better choice of a glass jar or a plate white Green olives stuffed with pepper or garlic or almond or even whole.
Go mainstream now with tens of delicious options.

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