The Olives Market

Exports of Greek Olives recorded impressive growth of 16.2% from January – August 2012. Specifically, according to data gathered by the Greek Statistical Authority and developed by the Department of Statistics of the Greek Foreign Trade Agency, during the eight months of 2012 83,635.59 tons of product were exported from our country, worth 202,838.17 euros to 78,131.01 tons of olives exported in the first eight months of 2011 and earned value 174,556.47 euros, with the change being formed in positive rate for 2012.


Overall, exports of Greek table olives were made to 35 countries, both within the EU and outside throughout the five continents. The biggest piece of exports, 25.11 %, went to the USA which shows a positive change in the rate of 29.18 % (18,446.2 tons in 2012, compared to 14,377.46 in 2011). Second major destination of table olives is Germany, with 18.13 % of total exports and positive change 20.47 % compared with 2011 ( 14,267.39 tonnes in 2012 , compared to 12,025.38 tonnes in 2011 ) . Followed by Australia (with 76.88 % of total variation and 24.99 % compared with 2011), United Kingdom (with 6.39% in total and positive change 30.83 % compared with 2011) and Italy (with 6.09% in total and 6.42 % change compared to 2011).



Greek Market Now

 Greece has a well-established reputation for producing high-quality olives and has long been recognized as one of the leading producers of olives for the international market. As you may already know, the outlook for the olive industry in Greece is quite positive, with forecasts predicting a significant expansion by 2023.