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Kalamata olives sliced, Green olives pitted and all our Greek olives will add a superior taste to your already delicious creations. They are all pitted and sliced to perfection. Our team ensures that all our olives meet the highest industry standards.
We respect food safety, we focus on real taste and we are making hard efforts for an attractive cost.

Greek Olives as bakery and food manufacturing ingredients.
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Your Safety First

Food safety and quality is an imperative for us


Food safety - Addictive taste - Attractive costs - Immediate support

Our dedicated team offer a vast variety of bakery and food manufacturing ingredients. Our commitment to food safety and quality along as with reasonable prices has offered to us an important client base in this market sector. From pizza to bread and from filling to topping, we would be happy to supply you with our Greek olives, Kalamata, Green or Black as the finest bakery ingredients.
We our proud for our on time deliveries with the right products at the right prices, getting things to you the way you need them.

Rich taste
Superior colors

Nice shape
Pit elimination standards

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