Black Olives Pitted

Introducing the incredible, all-natural big black olives that are truly the original, non-kernel version of this beloved snack. These plump and juicy olives are bursting with flavor and pack a real punch, making them the perfect addition to any salad, pizza or platter!

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In glass jars and pet jars

Food Service

In plastic pails and tins


In plastic barrels, pails and tins

"It's Delicious"

Delight your customers with our juicy, black pitted natural olives. They can be used in salads, on top of a pizza, in sandwiches, as they are or marinated in olive oil and fresh herbs. Black Natural Olives Pitted pair with everything! For olives fans or those who are looking to try something new,.

Juicy taste
Amazing color

Round shape
Pit fragment control

black pitted olives


Black in color, smooth round shape

Value Proposition

Amazing quality, professional support

Commercial Potential

An all natural and delicious product

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