Black Olives Whole

Natural black. Our Greek black olives are naturally fermented, not oxidized, keeping all their health benefits and their natural rich taste. They are hand selected from trees in Stylida and Lamia area at central Greece. We pay our attention to big and juicy olives, accurate calibration and nice aroma.

They are perfectly used for retail and food service.

Your Safety First

Food safety and quality is an imperative for us


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We provide all packaging solutions either branded or private label.

"Improving customer experience."

Customers are shifting to authentic, natural and healthy products. With our Black natural olives, the experience is unique and delicious. They are harvested when they are fully ripe and have turned black on the tree. The hand-picking ensures that only the best olives are selected. They have an deep juicy taste and are a great source of healthy fats, antioxidants, and other beneficial nutrients.



Rich taste, excellent color, correct calibration.

Value Proposition

Amazing quality combined with professional support.

Commercial Potential

If you ever tried a real Greek salad, you know it all.

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