Black Olives

Natural black. Our Greek black olives are naturally fermented, not oxidized, keeping all their health benefits and their natural rich taste. They are hand selected from trees in Stylida and Lamia area at central Greece. We pay our attention to big and juicy olives, accurate calibration and nice aroma.

They are excellent for retail and food service use.

Your Safety First

Food safety and quality is an imperative for us


Available Packaging

We provide all packaging solutions either branded or private label.

Why Greek Black Olives ?

These olives are are so big and all natural.

We collect the finest varieties of naturally ripened Black olives, and we deliver at the packaging that fits your needs.

As customers are looking for natural products with an original taste, we are here to cover your needs the best way possible, and to supply you with an amazing taste full of health benefits product.

We are here for you

Let's go natural